Introducing Broker

You’re a responsible broker with a large, active clientele. You pride yourself on providing personalized, top notch service to each of your clients. But these days you find yourself stretched to your limit. Faced with choosing one of two equally unacceptable options, either lowering your level of service or peeling off some of your clients – you have a third choice. Let DeltaFx do the heavy lifting as you act as Introducing Broker between your clients and our service. Your clients will enjoy the same high level of service that you’ve always provided – and you’ll be able to maintain your client base and your reputation for top level financial advice.

As an Introducing Broker, you maintain a high touch, close relationship with your client. However, the everyday tasks of floor trading and execution are delegated to another merchant. Ideally, the Introducing Broker also has a close and trusting relationship with the referral trading outfit. Many brokerage houses and individual brokers act as Introducing Brokers to lower their workloads concerning floor trades. The extra time saved is then used to provide more personalized advice to the client.

In the best Introducing Broker situations, the result is a win-win-win for all parties concerned. The client enjoys a closer relationship with more detailed trading advice from the Introducing Broker, while being assured of expert and efficient floor trades. The Introducing Broker maintains a high level of service while avoiding the pitfalls of being pulled in too many directions. The referral broker also gains access to clients that might not otherwise have been available.

The DeltaFx Introducing Broker Program

The Delta FX Introducing Broker Program is available to traders across the globe. With the Delta FX Introducing Trader program, the Introducing Broker earns a commission on each client referred to DeltaFx. Commissions are paid on a real-time basis as referred clients make trades through the DeltaFx trading service on online platform.

The DeltaFx Introducing Broker Program is a painless, stress free means of adding to your brokerage bottom line – with no risk to your hard earned reputation. DeltaFx is equipped to work with a variety of brokerage houses and individual traders. With a variety of solutions available, it’s almost assured that DeltaFx will offer a strategy that provides optimal service and quality for your clients and a competitive commission for you. Each solution is individually constructed to meet the needs of your brokerage service as well as those of your clients. Contact DeltaFx for details if interested.