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Why Us

Trading With DeltaFX

We hereby briefly present you the most imminent features of DeltaFX, which have been at the center of attention of our customers for years and is safe to say after reading these features you can see we don’t have much of competitors. No doubt that you will soon get the answer to the question why open an account with DeltaFX.

Guaranteed Stop-Loss

In DeltaFX you are provided with an unlimited guarantee for STOP LOSS.

Instant Execution

DeltaFX is one of the few existing Brokers who provides high speed trade registration offered through Instant Execution.

Guaranteed Execution

DeltaFX guarantees execution of all trade orders in the price requested by customers.

1:1000 Leverage

In DeltaFX you can benefit from accessing to 1-1000 leverage.

VIP Supports

For the customers holding VIP accounts we offer 24/7 customer service which will include private account manager.

Trade Insurance

our customers at DeltaFX can benefit from trade insurance for trades higher than $10,000

Fixed Spreads

Fixed spread is one of the features which brokers do not have any interest in, yet DeltaFX provides it.

No Slippage

In DeltaFX you will not receive a single pip slippage. pending orders and stop losses will be executed correctly.

FSC Registered Since 2010

DeltaFX is registered under FSC. Our registration number under FSC : EADA2860A0.