Forex Traders Summit in Dubai 2023 🗺

The Forex Traders Summit is an international gathering of traders and experts in the Forex market, offering insights, strategies, and networking opportunities. The Forex Traders Summit is organized and assembled by Smart Vision from May 19th to 20th, 2024 in Dubai Festival Arena. 

DeltaFX’s Attendance

 DeltaFX is delighted to share the news that DeltaFX will be attending the highly anticipated 4th edition of the Forex Traders Summit Dubai 2024.  DeltaFX proudly provides its esteemed clients with around-the-clock support and has managed to establish a dedicated Customer Club to enhance communications with its clients. Always together at the Customer Club and Now together at the Forex Traders Summit, you can now find us at Booth Number 4. Kindly make sure to grace us with your presence. 

DeltaFX’s Range of Services 

DeltaFX always strives to keep up with the latest trends in the market and aims to provide the best services to its family. From establishing the customer club to offering bonuses, exclusively tailored IB, copy trades programs, and finally, trade guarantees, DeltaFX constantly attempts to offer the best possible services to its clients. You can further find out about these services at the Forex Traders Summit. 

DeltaFX’s Tiered Bonuses

DeltaFX offers amazing tiered bonuses that are suitable for all traders’ financial abilities. With any level of deposit, a trader can strengthen his trading strength, impose lower amounts of risks on the trades, and retain freer margins to safeguard trading positions. 

100 Dollars150%150 Dollars
500 Dollars200%1000 Dollars
1000 Dollars250%2500 Dollars
2000 Dollars300%6000 Dollars

DeltaFX’s Copy Trade Program

 Copy Trade Program at DeltaFX offers a partnership agreement with pro traders. DeltaFX offers up to 10,000 Dollars in initial capital to pro traders to further their cause. 

Pro Trader’s share of profitsBroker’s share of profit

DeltaFX’s Guarantees of Trades

Traders can guarantee their capital for 20% monthly loss and capital preservation by charging more than $50,000.

Minimum number of trades per monthMinimum trade volume per month
20 trades15 lots

DeltaFX’s COO speaks at the summit. 

DeltaFX’s Chief Operating Officer, Kianoosh Asefi, will deliver a speech at the Forex Traders Summit on the overall conditions of Bitcoin after the fourth Halving and the significance of cryptocurrencies in the market. 

The Concluding Remarks 

DeltaFX attempts to maintain a commanding presence during the Forex Traders Summit. DeltaFX will always seek to accommodate its clients and provide the best possible services. We await your presence with the warmest welcomes at the Forex Trade Summit with the best bonuses, copy-trade programs, trade guarantees and so much more. 

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