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If you’ve been working with a demo Forex currency trading account and you’re ready to trade with real money, but not ready to take on substantial risk, the DeltaFx Nano Forex currency trading account is an ideal solution.


A mini Forex currency account operates on a scale of one tenth the amount of currency trading for a standard account. For instance, a lot on a mini Forex currency trading account would be only 10,000 units of whatever currency is being traded.


With a DeltaFx standard Forex currency trading account, traders are allowed to trade 44 currency pairs. Traders may also use the same account to trade CryptoCurrencies ,gold and silver.


Your special needs demand individual attention and a level of expertise that discount brokers and traders just do not possess. Your considerable assets may mean that you are more open to speculation and risk.

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DeltaFx monitors the market continuously to allow you access to the tightest spreads. Along with active trading platforms, Delta FX provides a rich set of resources. Ongoing news updates and real time commentary from in-house economists and strategists, along with continuous feeds from Dow Jones, Trading Central and RTTN News puts you in the most optimal position to act quickly on fast moving markets. Forex trading is available twenty four hours per day, five days per week, to allow trading during trading times for all trading markets worldwide.

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