Copy Trade

Another service of DeltaFX is the possibility to create a copy trade account and invest in it. If you are a successful trader, you can present your account and connect investors to your trading account as copy trades. Besides, investors can also invest in them by checking the accounts that are ready for copy trade.

List of the best copy trade accounts

The list of the best copy trading accounts will help you see and compare them so that you can finally make the best choice among them.
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Take a look at the advantages of copy trading

vivid reproting

having access to reports on the performance of your portfolio, the calculation and payment of commissions

Automatic Adjustment of account risk

In the copy trade system, the volume of investors' trading is done automatically based on the selected balance and risk.

Accurate execution of tradings

In the process of copy trading, the opening price, closing price, profit limit and loss limit of investors will be exactly the same as the price of the copy trader and there will be no price difference.

Adjusting the amount of investment risks

Investors can reduce or increase the risk of their account by choosing the risk level from 50 to 200 percent.

Ability to have multiple copy trade accounts

Investors can examine and compare copy trading accounts, the amount of profit, the risk-to-reward ratio, and select one or several copy trading accounts.

paying the copy trade from profit

You will pay the connection fee to copy trade when you have made a profit and this fee will be deducted from your trading profit.

Earnings for Inverstors

You don't need to be a professional trader to profit in forex; You can connect your account to a copy trader

setting profit conditions for traders

Professional traders can choose to charge between 10% and 50% of investors' profits as a fee.

continuous profit and experience for the beginners

By connecting your account to experienced and professional traders, you can earn like them and directly benefit from the experience of professionals.

Earnings for professional traders

A professional trader can copy trade by placing his account in the system; Trade for investors and get a percentage of the profit.

introducing top traders by DeltaFX

At the request of traders, DeltaFX sponsors their advertisements. Also the top list is always displayed and starred for free on the website.

Ability to create multiple copy trade accounts for traders

Professional traders can create and offer multiple copy trading accounts to investors based on their trading strategies.

Three steps to becoming a pro trader

To trade successfully in the financial markets, you must be able to become a professional trader. There are many important factors that you need to consider. DeltaFX Training section will help you increase your level of knowledge to be successful in financial markets.
Having at least $ 300 in the trading account you want to introduce as a pro trader
Do at least 20 full trades since you have created a trading account and having a positive account
Creating a Pro trader Account and making settings such as the percentage of fees, account type and settlement period

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