Check the advantages of Deltafx broker

To learn more about the advantages of using DeltaFX Broker, some of its points are mentioned below

Variety of deposit and withdrawal methods

You can deposit and withdraw without paying any commission by using Topchange, local bank, Webmoney and cryptocurrency.

Copy trading

Providing copy trade services to all clients, both investors and traders.

Valid regulation

DeltaFX Broker is regulated by international forex regulatory bodies and reputable organizations and has sufficient security.

Offering swap free account (Islamic)

All DeltaFX accounts are without overnight swaps.

Demo trading account

Providing unlimited demo accounts in various formats for testing trading accounts.

Presentation of cryptocurrency trading symbols (24/7)

Provision of cryptocurrency trading symbols and the possibility to trade them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Variety of trading symbols

You can trade all major market currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, precious metals and energy symbols.

Tradings without slippage

Your trades will be opened and closed without a single pip of slippage and at exactly the same ask price.

Professional support

Professional user support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ability to switch brokers without commission

If you want to transfer your trading account from another broker to DeltaFX, we will cover the cost and commission of it.

NDD trading desk

DeltaFX Broker does not process its clients' orders through the trading desk.

Various tradable bonuses

Receive various incentives and bonuses that you can use for your tradings

The best conditions for IBs

Creating the best conditions for all IBs, including the highest commission rate, incentive campaigns, flexible contracts, etc.

Financial incentives

We offer a variety of rewards and financial incentives in the form of cashback, welcome bonus and money back for volume of trades.

Speed of trading execution

Your tradings will be executed as soon as possible without any delay.

Winning numerous awards at international events

DeltaFX Broker is proud to receive many awards at international forex events.

Guarantee of tradings

We guarantee the profit and loss margin as well as the opening and closing price of the client's tradings on the standard account.

Possibility of automatic recharges

You can automatically top up your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Tpay, Top Change and Cryptocurrency portals.

Various trading accounts

Providing different types of trading accounts to suit your strategy, such as fixed spread, ECN, nano and standard accounts.

Various trading leverages

You can use trading leverages up to 1:1000 for your account.

Opening an account with the lowest fees

You can open a real trading account by depositing only $10.

Possibility of using experts

The possibility of using any type of experts and trading robots.

Free VPS for special customers

Provide free VPS for special customers for better tradings.

Margin return during hedge

The possibility of margin reversal in case of using the hedging method.

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