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Account Type


This account is designed for beginners and people who want to operate in the market with a small amount of investment. You can open a Nano trading account with a deposit of $10.
Client Choice
Trading PlatfromMT4MT4MT4MT4
Account Currency USDUSDUSDUSD
LeverageUp To 1-400Up To 1-200Up To 1-400Up To 1-1000
Max DepositUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited1000USD
Min Deposit100 USD200 USD50 USD10 USD
Order ExecutionMarketMarketInstantInstant
SpreadFix Floating Floating Floating
Margin Call100 %100 %100 %100 %
Stop Out20 %50 %20 %20 %
Swap FreeYesYesYesYes
Limit & Stop Level2 * Spread600Average 65
Trading InstrumentFOREX, Metal, Energy FOREX, Metal Forex, Metal, Energy, CFD Index, Shares, CryptocurrencyFOREX, GOLD
Contract SizeStandardStandardStandard0.1 Standard
Trade Size0.
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